Special recipes for young children (Eliminates constipation and stomach ache)

Nowadays, not only older people but also younger children suffer from constipation. If the breastfeeding mother does not pay attention to the food, the newborn baby also suffers from constipation. Apart from this, nowadays young children are eating more fast food, junk food and outside food. Which has also increased the problem of constipation in children. Abdominal pain also increases when constipation occurs in young children. However, by paying attention at the beginning, if some tips are adopted, this problem can be overcome. So let’s find out.
Special recipes for young children
Eliminates constipation and stomach ache
Try this best remedy at home
Orange juice
First of all let us tell you about a very simple solution. You can use orange juice and water to get rid of constipation in children. For that by mixing half a cup of water in 1 cup of orange juice
Feed the baby 2 times a day. Constipation will be relieved till evening. Do not give to a child younger than 6 months without doctor’s advice.
Raisins are also very beneficial in relieving constipation. If the child has constipation, soak 3-4 raisins in water. Then squeeze the juice and give it to the baby. The baby will get better in a few hours.
Ginger paste

Adopt this remedy for children above five years. Because the effect of ginger is hot. Which can harm young children. If children above the age of five have constipation, they should extract the juice of mulathi and ginger in proportion and mix it with honey and give half a teaspoon. Do this remedy 3 times a day.
Shake with baking soda

This remedy can be adopted in children of all ages. For this, mix 1 teaspoon of baking soda in 1 glass of warm water and mix it. Then soak a handkerchief in it and shake it on your stomach. Shake for about 15 minutes. Doing so will relieve the child of both constipation and abdominal pain.


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